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  • 27.03.12
    In today's world, labour migration has become an important factor of global development, providing flexibility for the international labour market, enabling backward nations to join the global production culture and encouraging interaction and mutual enrichment of cultures. In Russia the migration policy serves as a major source of labour force replenishment for the country. The vast majority of migrant workers are young people with mental, linguistic, cultural, and religious traits specific to their nation.
Structure of the Russian Peace Foundation

Structure of the Russian Peace Foundation (international non-government organization)

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Structure of the Russian Peace Foundation (international non-government organization)

The supreme governing body of the Foundation is its CONFERENCE.

The Conference of Foundation members is convened by decision of the Foundation Board once every five years. Fund activities in the intervening period are managed by the Board.

The elected chair of the RPF Board is Mr Leonid Eduardovich Slutsky, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

First Deputies of the RPF Board Chair:

Ms Yelena Vasiliyevna SUTORMINA, member of the Social Council with responsibility for publication of the Orthodox Christian Encyclopaedia

Mr Zurab Konstantinovich TSERETELI, sculptor, President of the Russian Academy of Arts

Deputies of the RPF Board Chair:

Mr Sergei Aleksandrovich ABAKUMOV, chair of the Executive Board of the Civic Society Organization and of the Public Recognition Foundation, member of the Russian Social Chamber

Mr Andrei Dmitriyevich DEMENTYEV, poet, USSR State Prize winner

Mr Igor Davidovich PANFILOV, UNESCO professor, Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Book of Financial Securities

Elected Members of the Fund Board:

His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

Mr Vasily Ivanovich GALUSHKIN, Deputy of the State Duma

Ms Alla Sergeyevna GRYAZNOVA, Rector of the Financial Academy

Mr Vitaly Grigoryevich KOSTOMAROV, President of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature

Mr Sergei Leonidovich KRAVETS, head of the Orthodox Christian Encyclopaedia project

Mr Anatoly Vasilyevich TORKUNOV, Rector of the Institute of International Affairs, Doctor of Political Sciences

Mr Anatoly Samuilovich SALUTSKY, writer, member of the Russian Language Academy

The elected RPF Board now consists of 41 members, including many heads of RPF regional branches.